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You Voted, Now Learn More About the 6 Outdoor Designs You Loved

Our 2017 Ultimate Outdoor Awards features 36 of the nation's dreamiest outdoor spaces, so selecting winners in each of the six categories was no small feat. With so many great designs, the voting was fierce with HGTV fans casting 12 times as many votes for this year's competition. Learn more about the award-winning spaces that wowed us all.

Architect Tor Barstad put breathtaking views of the Arizona desert on display at this luxurious retreat where a lap-style infinity-edge pool creates a watery oasis, dividing the home from the surrounding arid landscape. For added drama, a rainfall water feature flanks the main outdoor living area, providing the relaxing sound of falling water and a cool, misty breeze.

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Oakland Road, #268

San Jose, CA 95131


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